Family Focused Privacy Policy

Green Tea Games Privacy Policy


Hey Everyone,

It’s always very important to be aware of your personal details online, so we’re here to tell you some important information like:

  • How our family focused games work
  • What data we collect and what we do with it.


There are two types of data that can be collected from you

  1. Personal Information, which is information that can be directly linked to you as a person. This includes things like your name, username, email address, physical address, telephone number, images, location information, credit card information. Whenever we collect this data from you on our website or in our games we will let you know, we will do this by displaying a bit of text that links to this privacy policy with information on what we do with your data.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   1.1. We may also indirectly collect your IP address, we do not process this data for identifying you and is                          only used at a technical layer to enable operation.                                          
  2. Non-personal information, this is information that cannot be tied back to you. Such as your date of birth, age, non-precise geolocation such as the country or city you are in, your gender, hardware and software, as well as what pages and actions you do on the website and in our apps. We collect this information to help us better improve our service and this data cannot be directly linked with you. We explain what we use this data for later in the document.
  3. In our family focused games WE WILL NOT collect personal information on you. It is important that you read and agree to this document before using our applications, website and services as this involves your personal data. We have tried to write this document in as clear a way as possible, if there is anything you’d like clarification on please e-mail us at[email protected]

Our Apps

In our family friendly apps we do not collect any personal information that can be used to identify you.

Collection and Use

  • We collect non-personal analytical data about how the application is used. This data is aggregated and de-personalized so that a single play session cannot be traced back to any single user. We do this to check for crashes, to track progress of the app, to see what users like and dislike to help us improve the game.

Third Party Advertisers and Services

To make money we use advertisers that will not collect information on you in family focused apps. They may however track information on requests and IP address, this is required for operations and is not allowed to be data mined for any other reason.

Advertisers may use your IP address to determine a non-specific geographical region to target you with language specific advertisements and other local advertisements.


Our family focus apps do not track children, if you believe for some reason your child has been tracked please let us know and we’ll investigate the matter. Please contact [email protected]


We do not store any personalized data where possible, however security is still very important to us. If you have contacted us by e-mail for example we may have your email address or any other data you sent us. So we work hard to ensure that data is protected against loss, misuse or unauthorized access by a third party, we store your data on our servers and with third parties such as Google Analytics and Google Firebase. However we cannot guarantee that the measures we take, or the communications of the network will protect your data from illegal “hackers” or third parties over the internet. No method available to us is 100% secure.

We have a policy to not discuss what security measures we take and we cannot go into detail.

Where personal information is required or requested you’ll always be given a choice, we highly suggest with us and with others that you always review the risk to your data against the feature / service you’ll gain by providing it.

Data Storage

With non-personalized analytical data we keep with our analytics provider Google Analytics and Google Firebase.

We will not hold personal data for longer than 2 years after you have last used the service. This is to help you retain your account / data should you wish to return to it in the future. We may hold non-personal combined data, for example how long a group of users played a game for on average or how many users played the game on a certain date for up to 10 years.

Changes to our Privacy Policy

The internet and our business is constantly evolving and it may be the case that we have to update this document to comply with new standards, laws or protocols as well as emerging technologies, concerns or threats. We’d recommend regularly checking this document for changes.

Your Agreement

By using our services / applications / website you agree that you understand the above and that
you agree to us tracking your information as described above. If you do not agree please do not
use our services / applications or website.

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