Family Friendly Games

Green Tea Games is a UK based studio dedicated to creating and delivering family friendly games that are safe for children

Green Tea Games specializes in developing exciting games that are designed to be suitable for Players of any age. All of our games are created by a passionate and dedicated team which ensures that every release is of a high quality.

One of the primary aims of Green Tea Games is to ensure that our games are carefully created in order to ensure that they provide a safe experience for children. This is done by ensuring that our content is family friendly and fun for all Players. Parents can rest assured that all of our games are suitable for children.

With hand crafted environments and lovingly created characters, we create more than just games. Our aim is to provide all of our Players with fun and memorable experiences that they will want to return to time and time again. The worlds and characters that we create are suitable and designed to be enjoyed by younger players.

With millions of downloads we have only just started our adventure. We strive to continue developing and providing high quality, passion driven and fun games for Players all around the world.

Our Standards

  • Passion

    The staff here at Green Tea Games are all individuals who are incredibly passionate about games and developing fresh, unique experiences for our Players. Our games have provided countless hours of entertainment to millions of Players around the whole world.

  • Quality

    One of the most important aspects of game development is to ensure that the Player receives and can experience high quality content. All of our games are the result of hard work and planning by every member of the team and this ensures that we never fail to deliver quality experiences to our Players.

  • Fun

    When it comes to games, nothing is more important than creating something fun. Throughout the development process we are constantly ensuring that our games offer a fun, fresh and exciting experience for Players, and this is something that we take a huge amount of pride in. You can always trust that any game developed by Green Tea Games will provide countless hours of fun and entertainment.

  • Family Friendly

    All of the games that we create are designed to be family friendly meaning that they are suitable for children. We are committed to ensuring that all of our content can be enjoyed by children without parents needing to worry.